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Francesco Pierri
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I am a 3rd year Ph.D. student ("Data Analytics and Decision Sciences" Ph.D. program) at Politecnico di Milano, under the supervision of prof. Stefano Ceri and prof. Fabio Pammolli. I am also a visiting researcher in the NaN group at Indiana University's Observatory on Social Media (OSoMe) led by Filippo Menczer.

My research focuses on understanding (dis)information diffusion on online social networks.
Working with Stefano Ceri and Carlo Piccardi, I developed a methodology to classify disinformation vs mainstream news articles based on Twitter diffusion networks (check my research featured on Nature Scientific Reports and EPJ Data Science).
At NaN we recently carried out a comparative analysis of the COVID-19 infodemic on Twitter and Facebook (check our preprint).
I am currently working on understanding the interplay between online conversations and vaccine rollout in the United States and Italy. We have dashboards! Vaccinitaly and Covaxxy and a paper. We found that US counties with more unvaccinated people ALSO have more misinformation shared on Twitter .

I also work in partnership with Facebook "Data for Good" program to understand the socio-economic impact of mobility restrictions due to COVID-19 pandemic (check our research featured on the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America ).

When pandemics don't take place, I practice capoeira at the Sul Da Bahia academia in Milan (we keep training on zoom!).

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